75 Stories of How Changinging Your Perspection Can Change Your Life.
An Anthology by Simon Crowe and Robin Von Scharwz

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A Collection of Seventy Five Stories Written by Authors from Sixteen Countries.

Life happens. We can’t always predict how it will happen or what obstacles we will encounter along the way, but we can choose how we respond to it. We can choose our perspective.

Thresholds is comprised of seventy-five inspirational stories—stories representing the experiences of people from sixteen countries around the world—people who have chosen to live life powerfully and intentionally, facing life’s challenges and their fears head-on. 

The writers dig deep, revealing a part of themselves as they touch a wide variety of topics such as marriage, infidelity, divorce, infertility, adoption, heartbreak, shyness, mental illness and aging.



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“I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of the stories in this book. I laughed, I cried, I processed some of my own experiences at the insight of the contributors stories and through their own epiphanies. This book would make a great gift, and will undoubtably save lives, increase compassion and kindness throughout the world and touch the hearts of all who read it.”


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Meet the Editors

Simon Crowe

Simon Crowe runs a specialist coaching and consultancy practice which focuses on transformational leadership and empowerment. He has lived and travelled around the world creating partnerships with influential artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians, developing and delivering inspiring projects that positively impact the world. Find out more at

Robin Von Schwarz

Robin Von Schwarz has a passion for supporting moms who are navigating their teen’s mental health, specifically in the areas of anxiety, depression, and OCD. She has a background in holistic health practices and neuro-nutrition, is a writer,  a high school educator, a certified yoga teacher, a mom of four grown children, and the grandmother of three. For more information go to:

We were inspired to bring Threshold Stories together because as global citizens, we all share a universal strength and resiliance that comes from shifting our perspective.

Meet the Authors

We chose the authors for Threshold Stories based on dfakljsldkfjlsdfjklsdfkjlj dfjlskadfjkldjf dlsfksdjfldksfj. Each writer shares a deeply personal experience ranging from birth, death, transformation, betrayal, redemption.  These authors offer unquely global perspective, many have traveled or lived in several different countries– yet you will discover the univeral theme that weaves us all together as humans.


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